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first season (1991)

  1. pilot episode, The Company (2 hours)
  2. Sacrifices, part I*
  3. Truth or Consequences
  4. War Game
  5. Family Album
  6. Mr. Butterfly
  7. Before the Storm (2 hours)* tv movie - originally “Sacrifices, Part I and II”
  8. Close to Home*
  9. The Wall*
  10. The Minotaur (never aired)
  11. Eeney, Meaney, Miney, Mole (never aired)
  12. Quarantine (never aired)
  13. Our Man In Huallaga (never aired)

note - “Sacrifices, Part I” aired January 12, 1991. Part II was scheduled to air the following week, but ABC preempted it with this message: “Due to the similarities between real events in the Middle East and the fictional story in tonight’s part II episode of Under Cover, it will be rescheduled for a later date. Now stay tuned for a special episode of MacGyver.” Parts I and II eventually aired together as a two-hour TV Movie entitled “Before the Storm” in July [once the Gulf War was over]. “Close to Home” and “The Wall” originally filmed as two separate episodes, also aired as a TV Movie entitled “Spy Games.” Episodes 10-13 were filmed, but sadly never aired.

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